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Moahz Investment Limited is a novel development within the Moahz Group portfolio engaged in the expansion of green energy solutions by offering partnership opportunities to stakeholders to generate capital returns. at Moahz Investment Limited we are apprised to expanding on the federal government initiative for:

  1. Natural Gas Utility and Expansion,
  2. Real Estate Development and Mass Housing Solutions.
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From the World-Bank Global Gas Flaring Report in April 2021, it is indicative that although Nigeria and six other countries are responsible of 40% of global oil production, these countries are conversely responsible for 65% of global gas flare operations for the past nine years. some reasons attributed to this contrast is the abberant lack of infrastructure to transport the excess natural gas, lack of equipment and machines that use natural gas for fueling. Moahz Investments Limited is a timely solution established to propagate the Autogas expansion mandate and therefore pioneering the construction of Autogas mega-stations and prime residential estates within six states of Nigeria for the pilot program.

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At Moahz Investments Limited we sustain our operations on the flexibility of Moahz Group deliverables and now our plans include:

What you should know

The proposed sites are currently being processed for licensing and Environmental Assessments and they are within the following states:

  • Kano State
  • Osun State
  • Federal Capital Territory
  • Oyo State
  • Rivers State
  • Abia State
  • Lagos State

The machinery, equipments and kits for these developments worth up to 5 million dollars have been procured as Moahz equity contribution and partners are welcome on board to subscribe as we plan to commence take of by 1st of october, 2021.

Why Invest With Us?

Why Invest With Us?

Partners willing to be part of this novel idea get the opportunity to

  • Gain up to 40% of their capital investments;
  • Convert current fleet of vehicles to dual fuel engines;
  • Secured investment backed by Real Asset Collateral
  • Payment plan for property development before allocation and handover.
  • Allocation and development of property upon 30% payment of property

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